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PLC Courses and Further Education in Ireland

Dundrum College

Introduction to Pottery Course will provide students with an introduction to pottery and craft and...

 Crafts /  Dublin / 113 views

Rathmines College

This Level 5 Cyber Security with Software Development course provides an introduction to the various...

 Computers and IT /  Dublin / 111 views

Dundrum College

These courses prepare students for employment opportunities in any administrative setting by providing students with...

 Administration /  Dublin / 111 views

Rathmines College

Software Development - QQI Level 6 course enables our Level 5 Computer Programming students to...

 Computers and IT /  Dublin / 109 views

Rathmines College

Secretarial Administration QQI Level 5 course is designed to provide students with the necessary practical...

 Administration /  Dublin / 108 views

Rathmines College

Marketing Course - QQI Level 5 course provides students with the skills and knowledge required...

 Marketing /  Dublin / 108 views

Dundrum College

Gardening & Landscape Design Course will provide students with a thorough practical knowledge of Horticulture, Landscape...

 Horticulture /  Dublin / 108 views

Rathmines College

English & Information Technology for International Students course is designed for students from overseas who wish...

 Computers and IT /  Dublin / 102 views

Rathmines College

Medical Administration - QQI Level 5 course is designed to prepare students for front-line receptionist...

 Administration /  Dublin / 99 views

Rathmines College

Legal Administration - QQI Level 5 course prepare learners with the necessary skills and understanding...

 Administration /  Dublin / 98 views

Dundrum College

Creative Ceramics courses are thought through practical demonstration and practice which will give students the...

 Art and Design /  Dublin / 98 views

Rathmines College

News and Media in a Digital Age course provides students the fundamental skills of a...

 Journalism /  Dublin / 98 views

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